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Design & Construction Standards


District Design Guidelines and Standards serve as a reference to ensure each project meets the
Districts’ overall performance, aesthetic, and standardized requirements. They are provided to each architectural firm when they are contracted for work.

​GCCCD has revised and updated the original Proposition R Standards. The revised standards focus on three key areas:

  • Campus Design Guidelines - Updated and aligned with 2013 Master Plan
  • Space Standards - Developed for instructional, administrative and support spaces
  • Materials and Systems Standards - Performance criteria developed for typical building and site systems and materials  

A Design Standards Task Force and sub-groups were formed to review a set of draft standards. Participants were asked to review existing design standards in the following areas:

  • Space Standards for Classrooms and Offices
  • Technology and Acoustics
  • Plumbing and Mechanical
  • Electrical and Lighting
  • Interior Finishes and Signage
  • Hardscape and Security
  • Landscape and Civil Engineering
  • Roofing and Moisture Control, Exterior Finishes
Participants included representatives from the colleges and the District. Their review and input was solicited by the Design Standards Task Force at key milestones.
The finalized District Design Guidelines and Standards reflect comments and lessons learned from Proposition R and best practices.