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Approved Certifying Agency Directory

​ Additional Resources

  The San Diego Contracting Opportunities
  Center (SDCOC) offers no-cost
  assistance to businesses interested in
  obtaining S/D/M/W/DVBE certifications,
  and provides workshops and technical
  training on how to do business with
  federal, state and local government
  agencies. Please visit the SDCOC online
  or call (619) 285-7020 to learn more.
  The North San Diego Small Business
  Development Council (SBDC) offers no-
  cost consulting services and workshops
  for small businesses in North San Diego
  County. Please visit the North San Diego
  SBDC online or call (760) 795-8740 to
  learn more.
The District’s Bid Information Form requires the listing of certification identification numbers and expiration dates for all businesses certified as small, disadvantaged, minority, woman, or disabled veteran-owned. All forms, certification numbers and expiration dates are reviewed and verified by the District’s Small Contractor Outreach Team before the businesses are added to the District’s databases for small and/or local businesses.  
The GCCCD will accept certifications from the following public agencies. Certifications from for-fee agencies and organizations will not be accepted and should not be listed on the Bid Information Form.
Approved Certifying Agency Directory
expand Public Agency : California Department of General Services (DGS) ‎(1)
expand Public Agency : California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Supplier Clearinghouse ‎(1)
expand Public Agency : California Unified Certification Program (CUCP/CALTRANS) ‎(1)
expand Public Agency : Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (METRO) ‎(1)
expand Public Agency : System for Award Management (SAM) ‎(1)