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Student Center
      Square Feet:
      Project Budget:
      Construction Duration:
      Funding Source:
$19.8 Million
Spring 2006 - Fall 2007
Proposition R
      The Student Center serves as a hub of activity for campus life. The two-story building includes a
      bookstore, food services, student affairs administration, health center, student government, club
      offices and meeting rooms. Three open spaces are featured: a plaza for large student functions, a
      gathering area shaded by a grove of trees for small gatherings, and an intimate deck area
      overlooking the grand lawn.

      Project Team:
  • Architect: LPA, Inc.
  • Interior Design Architect: Carrier Johnson, Architects
  • Construction Manager: Rudolph & Sletten, Inc.
  • Program Manager: Joe Minner, Gafcon, Inc.
  • Senior Project Manager: Erik Reuter, Gafcon, Inc.
  • Project Manager: Aaron Golde, Gafcon, Inc.
  • Proposition R & V Program Manager: Gafcon, Inc.