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Lighting & HVAC Upgrade
     Project Budget:   
     Construction Duration:     
     Funding Source:    
$1.2 Million 
September 2015 - April 2016
Proposition V, Proposition 39, SDG&E
      Roadway lighting at Grossmont and walkway lighting at Cuyamaca will be replaced with LED fixtures. All
      existing 32-watt fluorescent lamps will be replaced with energy efficient 25-watt lamps at both campuses.
      HVAC energy conservation measures include the addition of 20 economizers on rooftop HVAC units at
      Cuyamaca College and optimizers on Grossmont College’s Building 36 chiller plant. This project will reduce
      energy consumption on both campuses.
   Project Team:
  • Contractor: Baker Electric
  • Program Manager: Penny McGrew, Gafcon, Inc. 
  • Senior Project Manager: Don Kramer, Gafcon, Inc.
  • Proposition R & V Program Manager: Gafcon, Inc.