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Energy Reduction & Facilities Renovations

​Projects completed in 2003-2004:

  • A - E and G building classrooms walls, ceilings, and doors were painted.
  • A, H and P buildings received bathroom upgrades.
  • A - G buildings received lighting occupancy sensors and waterproofing repairs to rear walls.
  • Lighting was replaced at the R building/Gymnasium.
  • Building O was re-roofed, the heat pump was replaced and HVAC was upgraded.
  • HVAC controls were upgraded in the A, B, D, E and G buildings.
  • The P building had a new roof installed, the electrical panel and transformer were upgraded, the heat pump was replaced, and the HVAC system was upgraded.
  • All existing building water valves were replaced.
  • Asphalt walkways were repaired and sealed.
  • Air conditioning condensing pans were replaced at the LRC.
 Energy reduction projects completed in 2003 - 2004:
  • Motion sensors were installed in classroom buildings A, B, D, E, and G to reduce electrical usage in unoccupied spaces.
  • Precision air balancing of existing air handlers for peak performance at buildings A - G and the LRC.
  • DDC electronics for control and valves for HVAC systems and integrated energy management system (EMS) were installed for air handlers in buildings A - G and the LRC.
  • Vending machine sensors were installed to save power.
  • Gymnasium lighting was replaced with high-efficiency units.
  • Skylights were installed in the A and G building corridors to save on lighting costs.
  • Install power-saving primary/secondary pumping strategy at the Central Plant.
  • 3D/I facilities programmed repairs/renovations completed in 2003 - 2005.
  • Building K and bookstore was moved to temporary location in the D building until a permanent location was established in the new Student Center in 2007. The old location was demolished to make way for the Science Technology Mall.
  • Building O - Ornamental Horticulture was renovated including a new roof, HVAC system, and new mechanical and electrical systems for the greenhouse.
  • Building P - Automotive Technology project included a complete renovation and upgrades to all the existing spaces and build-out of new space at the front.
  • Building W - Maintenance project added a small amount of covered storage to the rear of the building.
  • Chillers, cooling towers, and boilers were upgraded/installed at the Central Plant serving the A through G buildings, LRC, Science building, Student Center, Communication Arts & Business CIS buildings.
  • Increase chiller and cooling tower capacity.
  • Upgrade Central Plant with Common Emergency Generator.