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Building D and Campus Improvements
Project Estimate:
Construction Duration:
Funding Source:
January 2019-June 2019
Proposition V, Local Capital Projects Funds
The scope for the Cuyamaca College Building D and Campus Improvements includes the removal and replacement of existing carpet with new epoxy flooring and floor base; furnish and install insulation at exterior wall below windows; paint interior administration building walls including accent walls, doors, and frames, room D-320, training room (D-301) first left panel wall, and entire room D-302; HVAC duct cleaning throughout the entire building and gymnasium; view (camera) inside the drain lines in the staff restrooms; remove and replace vent hood for ice machine in room D-320; remove and replace floor base in D-301; replace ceiling tiles, and rusted registers in Building D and the training room (D-301); repair exterior plaster and paint; paint exposed structural steel on building, gymnasium, and courtyard canopy structural steel; remove and replace existing entrance floor mats at the south entrance to the Learning Resource Center (Building C); repair concrete stairs at five stairway (5) locations behind Building F; apply anti-skid material to paint stair treads behind Building F; restoration of asphalt in front of Building F; pour concrete behind Building D for pathway between gymnasium and modular building.
Project Team:
  • Architect: Di Donato Associates 
  • General Contractor: M.A. Stevens
  • Program Manager: Jim Bray, Gafcon, Inc.
  • Project Manager: Rich Brutto, Gafcon, Inc.
  • Proposition V Program Manager: Gafcon, Inc.