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Student Services BuildingProposition VConstructionCuyamaca College
Weight Training ClassroomProposition VCompletedCuyamaca College
Ornamental Horticulture ComplexProposition VCloseoutCuyamaca College
Track Enhancement-Phase 1Proposition VCompletedCuyamaca College
Exercise Science Building D Renovation-Phase 1Proposition VCompletedCuyamaca College
Upgrade Electrical PanelProposition VCompletedCuyamaca College
Phase 2 Parking Lot/Roadway RepairsProposition VCompletedCuyamaca College
Learning Resource Center Rooftop AHU'sProposition VCompletedCuyamaca College
Child Development Center Roof ReplacementProposition VCompletedCuyamaca College
Building L RemodelProposition VCompletedCuyamaca College
Student Center and Veteran ServicesProposition VCompletedCuyamaca College
Chiller ExpansionProposition VCompletedCuyamaca College
Building D and Campus ImprovementsProposition VCompletedCuyamaca College
Track and Field Improvement PH II ScoreboardProposition VConstructionCuyamaca College
Building A RenovationProposition VDesignCuyamaca College
Instructional Building FProposition VDesignCuyamaca College
Year 1 Lighting Fixtures & Controls UpdateProposition VCompletedDistrictwide
Year 2 Lighting & HVAC UpgradeProposition VCompletedDistrictwide
Infrastructure AssessmentProposition VCompletedDistrictwide
District Wide Energy Conservation Measures Year 3Proposition VCompletedDistrictwide
Districtwide Energy Conservation Measures Year 4Proposition VCompletedDistrictwide
Arts & Communications Complex - Performing and Visual Arts CenterProposition VCompletedGrossmont College
Science, Math & Career Tech Complex - Phase 1Proposition VCompletedGrossmont College
Main Chiller AdditionProposition VCompletedGrossmont College
12kV Main Service ReplacementProposition VCompletedGrossmont College
Interim Swing Space-Phase 1Proposition VCompletedGrossmont College
Science, Math, & Career Tech Complex Phase 2-Building 36Proposition VConstructionGrossmont College
Phase 2 Arts and Communications Complex– Communication, Drama, Art, Ceramics, & World LanguagesProposition VDesignGrossmont College
Infrastructure Buildings 36 and 41Proposition VCompletedGrossmont College
Interim Swing Space Phase 1-3 UtilitiesProposition VCompletedGrossmont College
Master PumpProposition VDesignGrossmont College
Liberal Arts & Business Tech Complex Phase 1-Bldgs. 51/55Proposition VDesignGrossmont College
Automotive Technology ComplexProposition RCompletedCuyamaca College
Business & Technology BuildingProposition RCompletedCuyamaca College
Communication Arts CenterProposition RCompletedCuyamaca College
Energy Reduction & Facilities RenovationsProposition RCompletedCuyamaca College
LRC Expansion and RenovationProposition RCompletedCuyamaca College
Parking Lot Expansion Phase 2Proposition RCompletedCuyamaca College
Student CenterProposition RCompletedCuyamaca College
Wendell Cutting Science & Mathematics CenterProposition RCompletedCuyamaca College
Digital Arts/Sculpture ComplexProposition RCompletedGrossmont College
Exercise Science and Wellness ComplexProposition RCompletedGrossmont College
Griffin Center/Student Services AdministrationProposition RCompletedGrossmont College
Health Sciences ComplexProposition RCompletedGrossmont College
Learning and Technology Resource CenterProposition RCompletedGrossmont College
Life Safety Entrance RoadProposition RCompletedGrossmont College
Parking ExpansionProposition RCompletedGrossmont College
Science BuildingProposition RCompletedGrossmont College