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Project Labor Agreement
Project Labor Agreement
A Project Labor Agreement (PLA) is a legally binding contract between the Grossmont- Cuyamaca Community College District (GCCCD) and contractors that are signatory, and within agreement, to the PLA. It establishes a standard for a contractor’s relationship with his/her workers by setting basic standards for hiring, dispute resolution, payment of fringe benefits, and utilization of apprentices, amongst other things. These basic standards are outlined within the PLA.
The PLA is designed to ensure a sufficient supply of skilled craft workers and eliminate work disruptions for projects covered under Proposition V. The Agreement contains sections describing the process for hiring of journeyman workers and apprentices, for resolving disputes, and for promoting local hiring goals of skilled craftspeople and apprentices living within the footprint of GCCCD as well as San Diego County. Click here to see Frequently Asked Questions about the PLA..
Board of Education Approval
The GCCCD Governing Board approved the PLA on November 15, 2016.
Effective date 3-28-17
The PLA was executed with signatures on March 28, 2017 and thus went into effect thirty days after the initial executed date on April 27, 2017. The agreement stipulates that the PLA applies to work for three years after the effective date at which point the PLA shall be subject to renewal. 
Covered work
The PLA governs the following construction and major rehabilitation projects that are funded by Proposition V and will affect school buildings and offices that are owned, leased or controlled by the District:
Grossmont College
a. Phase 1 Arts & Communications Complex – Performing and Visual Arts Center project includes the removal of Buildings 22 A- C and construction of a new 38,680- square-foot, 390-seat teaching and performance theater.
b. Phase I Science, Math & Career Tech Complex – Building 31 includes total renovation of a 17,582- square- foot classroom and lab building
Cuyamaca College
a. Ornamental Horticulture Complex – Includes renovation of both indoor and outdoor instructional space, including the existing building, nursery and associated site improvements with new greenhouses and storage.

Evaluation Plan
The purpose of the Evaluation Plan is to define the processes of evaluating the impact, if any, to the projects that are subject to the PLA. Click here to see the GCCCD PLA Evaluation Plan.
Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
The KPI’s will be divided into Four (4) key sections. They are:
• Local Hire
• Project Cost Impacts
• Project Schedule Impacts
• Program Cost Impacts
Each section will have a baseline against which to measure. This will be based on previous projects completed under Prop. R and to date on Prop. V. Each section will provide information on how the baseline was created and what will be measured. The results will be transmitted to the District in the form of various reports.

Brent Bishop, Labor Relations Project Manager (Project Labor Coordinator)
Phone - (858) 875-0054
Marty Glaske, Vice President Labor Relations:
Phone- (858) 875-0056
Tom Lemmon, San Diego Building & Construction Trades Council Business Manager
Phone - (619) 521-2914
Andrew Meling, Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters Business Representative
Phone - (858) 621-2674